A Custom Fit to this Backyard Bier Garten

07 Jun 2020

A poolside pavilion becomes a year-round gathering spot

By Elizabeth Sugg  »  Photos by Mollie Tobias

Perfect timing.

Since stay-cations have become the wise new fad for much of our free time, a silver lining many people will often express about the Covid-19 restrictions is spending more time together as a family. Call it perfect timing, serendipity or simply the acing of a multi-purpose living space in the active backyard of a Southern Pines couple, this home improvement wrapped in early May ready for the lingering cool nights of spring and as the anticipated gathering spot for a busy summer. It has been named The Bier Garten based on this family’s years living in Europe.

Having settled in Southern Pines nearly a decade ago, the couple chose a house with long-established landscaping and a big backyard with tall trees and a pool as a focal point. A large three-sided canopy provided both shade and glam in their poolside setting, set off by oversized pots of colorful flowers clearly tended to by someone possessing a green thumb. Just beyond the pool area are steps up into a large open area of their yard where a grilling shed they call the Fish Camp still hugs the right side and further back is a treehouse for grandchildren. For years they had talked about building a structure that would combine these separate areas into one, and last fall brainstorming turned into consultation with the selection of a 16’ x 32’ Alpine Cedar Pavilion sourced by Greyfox Outdoor in Southern Pines. Owned by Sam and Betty Glick, their niche is supplying American-made patio furniture, outdoor structures, vinyl playsets and fire pits.

Referred to by their business neighbor Total House & Flooring, the project became more than simply the installment of a pavilion but one desiring custom features. Jon Potter of Masters Properties was brought in to add the finesse and know-how to get the site work and electrical work well-coordinated, this seamless partnering relationship an outgrowth of a networking group Sam Glick and Jon’s son, Jonathan Potter, are a part of called TALKS (Trust, Ask, Link, Know, Succeed) Networking of the Sandhills. This hand-in-glove working relationship resulted in an outdoor living space that is as well-thought-out as it is handsome.

A dark “Cinder” stain was chosen for the cedar pavilion made by Country Lane Gazebos in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Instead of two 36” overhangs on two of the gable ends, the couple wanted three. They also longed for a large stone fireplace to anchor one end of the pavilion where comfortable seating could be enjoyed throughout the year. This additional site work, the necessary grading and construction is where Masters Builders came in as well as tending to the installation of unique sconce lighting and two outdoor ceiling fans. The copper gutters add a distinctive, long-lasting flourish to this beautiful yet functional outdoor living space providing relief from the sun, comfortable seating and room enough for two active grills.

Once Glick worked through an adapted design with the couple, the pavilion was pre-cut, pre-stained and packaged as a custom kit, and then shipped to North Carolina. A stamped concrete floor that Potter recommended marries well to the concrete walkway surrounding the pool, yet gives the surface a textured foundation that sets off the established look of the dark stain of the pavilion’s cedar, making the entire structure appear as if it has been poolside for years, not recently built.

The patio furniture is another Amish country line called Casual Comfort that Greyfox Outdoor sources. The made-to-order poly sets feature deep seating as well as an impressive 20-year warranty. Made of a recycled, high-density polyethylene with color and UV inhibitors, the durable finish is impervious to mold, insects, rotting and rusting. Part of their Bayshore Collection, the featured set includes two swivel rockers, a sofa and a 42” conversation table set off with a walnut natural finish. Level Pumice Sunbrella fabrics and Surya outdoor area rugs draws the fireplace seating together.

So in this season of looking for silver linings, this home improvement project came to fruition at just the right time for this couple, a feathered outdoor nest where they and their extended family can come home to roost, enjoy a dip in the pool and a sheltered evening outside. A reimagined space yielding year-round enjoyment, something to smile about.


Greyfox Outdoor: greyfox-outdoor.com

Masters Properties: masterspropertiesinc.com
: totalhouseandflooring.com

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