A Spotlight on Fun, Fresh Fashion for Kids

01 Oct 2020

Photos by Mollie Tobias

The changing season is upon us with cool weather coming, so what better time to find a knowledgeable source for stylish and affordable fashion and gear for babies, big kids, mothers and moms-to-be. Katrin Franklin is the owner of Bump & Baby in the Village of Pinehurst, and she is a proprietor who knows her business. Her ever-evolving displays showcase an upbeat whimsey and freshness to youthful fashion with a wash-and-wear practicality, and many of the fun accessories and stuffed toys are regionally sourced.

Rainbow Romper, Tea Collection, $32.50; Swaddle, Petit Pehr, $23.50; Teether, Mama Bears Baby Beads, $18.50; Shoes, Mayoral, $26.50

Straw Cup, Sugarbooger, $14.95; Rainbow Sweater, Tea Collection, $54.50; Legging, Tea Collection, $19.50; Backpack, Parkland, $39.99; Boots, Native Shoes, $55

Teething Bracelets, Mama Bears Baby Beads, $10; Teething Necklace, Mama Bears Baby Beads, $26.50; Romper, Winter Water Factory, $48.50; Handmade Fox, KWCreations, $34; Swaddle, Little Unicorn, $16

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