Amidst the Gems, the Customer is the Jewel

01 Oct 2021

The pleasure of running a jewelry store with an increasing blend of styles and a range of prices

By Elizabeth Sugg  »  Photos by Brandon Williams

There is a “people” side of the jewelry business, and that is what Maren Burchette most enjoys. In fact, it’s her customers who have been the biggest motivators in the continued expansion of the blend of jewelry lines sold at the Pinecrest Plaza store. Maren and her husband Lynton began Maren’s Pandora and More in 2017 selling most notably the popular Pandora and Brighton lines, yet as they have gotten to know their clients, they began to expand their lines of fashion jewelry and increasingly began to span into fine jewelry particularly for those grooms finally getting their nerve up to pop the big question.

“Given the fact that weddings are back, we love to find the perfect ring from "Yes" to "I do," Maren says of their engagement and wedding band selections. “The options are endless and so are the diamonds.” Natural diamonds mined from the Earth, and increasingly lab diamonds because of the growing concern about eco-friendly practices. “Discussing diamonds could take up a whole article or two,” Lynton says with a laugh.

Jewelry is the crowning touch when a woman gets dressed for a special evening. “Putting a ring on it” is what couples do when they make their pledge to spend their lives together. When a big football game is won at the end of the NFL season, those professional athletes put a ring on it, too!  Each are symbols that represent milestones and enhance the special moments in
our lives.

Maybe because the occasions when we may buy jewelry or are given jewelry have more weight, the quality of the shopping experience matters a lot. You want to look, explore, not be bashful about your budget, and you may want a range of suggestions about what to consider. “We have a saying in our store that we like to meet the guest at the end of the counter and not behind the counter,” says Maren. “For some people jewelry is the third most expensive gift they are buying, after a house and a car, and sometimes it can be a bit intimidating.”

Do you have a man in your life who works with his hands, and on an everyday basis his ring finger may need something else other than a precious metal?
What about a silicone ring as an anniversary present?

Do you want to give a young lady some meaningful bling for a special birthday that will last but not be a travesty if it’s lost? It’s the situations and the stories of customers trying to find that special something that draws Maren in, and because Maren’s Pandora has a range of lines, she and her staff have the pleasure of serving a range of ages.

“The most important part is to be a very good listener because we hear a lot of stories from our guests. Turning those stories into thoughtful gifts is what sets us apart,” explains Maren. “Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to ask those questions but after a while you have a nice conversation going, followed by the
perfect gift.”

And Maren also has a passion for gift-wrapping. “For us this is the finishing touch when you have the perfect gift-wrapping paper with a bow that can be untied with one finger,” she says, her enthusiasm building. “We want to get our guests excited when they open their presents; it is a treasure, and they get to open it first.”

And the store goes a step further: A handwritten card a few days later to make sure the gift was well received.

“Those are little things but again, it is the finishing touch,” says Maren. And it leaves a lasting impression of this hands-on store.

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