Business Spotlight 2022

06 Jun 2022

Brothers Automotive NC and Pinehurst Dental

Kayle & Garrett Salter
Brothers Automotive NC

114 S Sandhills Blvd. • Aberdeen, NC


Our Business: Our business is a small Independent Dealership located in Aberdeen. We supply all types of pre-owned cars from all types of manufacturers. We provide financing options for all credit scenarios. One unique part about our business is our consignment program. This is great for people that may have a spare vehicle they are not using and don’t want to trade towards a new vehicle. Instead of posting it online themselves and dealing with all the phone calls and emails, we will list the vehicle on our platform and handle the transaction for them. It allows for a safe transaction space for both parties involved.

Best Business Advice Ever Received: Our business advice was really more of an example that was set by our mother. Being a single mom raising two boys while working a normal 9-5 job in a cubicle was not easy. However, an opportunity for her to get out of that cubicle and go into business for herself became available. The courage and faith it took for her to leave that job and take a risk to better our lives is something that always stuck with us. You have to be willing to take a leap of faith and go all-in. Not 80% in, not 90% in, go a full 100% all-in!

Why We Chose This Career: It really came down to what are we truly passionate about. For us it was cars.

One Thing We Learned the Hard Way: Your business is only as good as your staff. We have been fortunate in our short time to have a great staff of people working with us and helping us get over some of those early bumps in the road.

Why We Love Doing Business in Moore County: We really enjoy the small town feeling you get when interacting with people. If you treat people well, they will recommend your services to family and friends, which means a lot to us.

James Medwick
Pinehurst Dental


My Business: We are a dental practice dedicated to providing excellent healthcare in a relaxed private setting. Our philosophy is to educate and make sure you are provided treatment options without the pressure of feeling like an upsell is coming. Taking care of the whole patient is not just a motto here. The patients in our practice and the patrons in the surrounding area that we serve are our extended family, and we treat them as such.  

Best Business Advice I Ever Received: If you show up on time, look presentable, do your best job, and treat people like family, you will build the best relationships that will carry you to places you never imagined.

Why I Chose This Career: I love working with my hands and I get instant gratification from doing great work on my patients. Seeing them happy with the results of the work completed is the most pleasing part of the job. Serving as a dentist to a family… you become a part of the extended family doing so. You see the ups and downs, the kids growing up, and those relationships mean the world to us.

One Thing I Learned the Hard Way: You learn a lot from the good people around you as well as the bad ones. Keep your eyes open, mouth shut, and observe — it’s amazing the answers you find just by paying attention.  

Why I Love Doing Business in Moore County: The small-town atmosphere was always what I wanted growing up. I love that every time I go out and about, I run into patients. It’s a true pleasure serving this community, and I can’t imagine having it any other way. Thank you, Moore County!

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