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Pinehurst Medical Clinic

A Native Pollinator Garden Hums with Life and Inspiration

A community effort thrives at the Village Arboretum

Pastured Past Meets Sustainable Future

Life with an Angus herd on a 3rd-generation farm in Mt. Gilead

A Tale of Two Houses

Celebrating 200 Years in Moore County — 1820 to 2020

A Custom Fit to this Backyard Bier Garten

A poolside pavilion becomes a year-round gathering spot

Victory in the Soil

Learn about today’s victory garden

Power in the Eye of the Storm

Demand for whole-home generators creates a storm surge for this local company

Another Cosmos – Scattered Seeds

A family farm growing seed for wildflowers and wildlife restoration

Soothing Minimalism

A tranquil paint palette, acoustics, texture and lighting set off this renovation

Slow and Steady Wins the Regenerative Race

Cameron’s Slow Farm is steadily restoring vitality in its soil with no short cuts

Pinehurst Medical Clinic

The Warmth and Magnificence of Given House

The 1929 Greek Revival is a 91-year-old architectural gem 

An Interior with a Collaborative Beginning

Julie Moore and Erin ReVille take on the role of designing women

Digital Media Popular in Sandhills Real Estate Market

How realtors are increasing their use of digital media 

In the Winter Weary

Hellebore, or Lenten rose, is a shade-loving perennial in the buttercup family

Top Appliances for a Dream Kitchen

Carrying the torch for friendly, local service and installations 

Linden Clos

A long kept vision is breaking ground in this niche Pinehurst community

Getting a Home Ready to Sell

Listening to the advice of an experienced Realtor

Garden Fairies and Beauty Berries

Seasonal fall plants in the South

Exterminating Home Care

Preventative treatments lead to a new moisture control business

Ready, Set, Go!

A neighborhood created for young families with style and thoughtful home features

Real Estate Market Trends

Market forces emerging and reshaping sales of the diverse real estate in our area 

Retirement Living

Here are three options in the Sandhills NC area, offering an array of services and amenities