Dec-Jan 2023

Pinehurst Medical Clinic

Winter’s Bookshelf

A biography, an autobiography, and illustrated poetry that captures a snowy evening in the woods

12 Days of Holiday Reading

From Victorian era to fantasy, holiday horror to humor, this reading list has it all

In Anticipation of Wintry Days in the New Year

What could be better for a new year

Isles of Surprise

Living the life in the Turks & Caicos

Spice Up Your Celebrations

We’ve taken a few of our favorite nostalgic dishes and spiced them up a bit for your holiday tables.

Sip Something with a Story

Savor sweet dessert wines in wintertime

Time for Dinner? Head to Aberdeen

Enticing eats are yet another reason Aberdeen beckons

A Farmstead Created in Miniature

Downsizing in countryside splendor

Locally Sourced Barbecue

The centerpiece for New Year’s celebrations

Pinehurst Medical Clinic

A Penchant for Pecans

Planting an orchard and a life at a fourth-generation farm

Pillow Talk

A curated collection of pillows can say a lot

The Wonder of a Wintry Pot

Let your decorating spirit lead the way

Giving Back to the Community

Linda Pearson makes a difference in the Sandhills

A Merry Hand at Pet Portraiture

A love of animals lured this self-taught artist to her long career

Embracing Sattva

How to be happy, better, wiser

A Mural Artist Runs with the Horses

The layers of meaning in the dramatic scene of horses racing through time

Pinehurst Medical Clinic