Shopping & Style

Pinehurst Medical Clinic

Antiquing in the Sandhills

A run-down on local vintage stores to find the perfect antique

Accentuate Your Autumn Style

Chic looks that will augment your autumn wardrobe

Hues that Hum

Shades that simply beckon the eye yet are cooling and perfect for a joyful, outdoorsy weekend

Partytime Platters

Just arrange and serve!

Best of Sandhills 2022 -- Shopping

Checkout the winners of Best of Sandhills 2022 -- Shopping 

Best of Sandhills 2022 -- Service

Best of Sandhills 2022 -- Service

The Colors of Summer

Looks that celebrate the outdoor hues of summer grass and blue sky

Father Time

Rewinding the gift of an heirloom timepiece

Lighting That Makes a Statement

Chandeliers are the crowning focal point of a room

Pinehurst Medical Clinic

An Endeavor in Coral Conservation

The Sandhills connection to a coral specialist and an enchanting, awareness-driven, live coral aquarium business in Wilmington

Step into Flooring

The latest flooring options for our multi-faceted homes

Breezy Looks for Your Next Getaway

Pack a weekend bag destined for a locale filled with the activities you enjoy

Weekend Comfort with Panache

Local retailers deliver great style throughout the Sandhills.

A Dash of Holiday in 1-2-3

Easy steps to create an air of festivity

A Merry Mantle

Designing trends that inspire the art of creating a seasonal mantle

Timeless Service Spans Decades

The Clark family dealership in Pinehurst celebrates 50 years

Amidst the Gems, the Customer is the Jewel

The pleasure of running a jewelry store with an increasing blend of styles and a range of prices

Hats Off to Our Soldiers

Transforming uniforms into everyday accessories, and sharing a soldier’s story with each one

Elevate Your Souvenir Swag

How to choose and use your next trip’s souvenirs

Best of Sandhills Shopping 2021

Best of Sandhills Shopping 2021

Best of Sandhills Service 2021

Best of Sandhills Service 2021