Chocolates That Make a Heart Sing

06 Feb 2022

Artisanal bonbons made with love by local chef

By RAY LINVILLE.    Photos by Brandon Williams

Is Chef Scott Hasemeier of Form V Chocolates in Pinehurst an artist or a scientist? His luxurious chocolates are handcrafted with a thorough knowledge of the scientific properties of cocoa butter, the major ingredient in all types of chocolates that has a melting point just below human body temperature. Perhaps this characteristic is why melt-in-your-mouth bonbons are so popular, not just around Valentine’s Day but throughout the year.

As he blends art and science with technical precision, Hasemeier creates visually stunning chocolates that showcase the flavors of premium ingredients. The unique bonbon flavors are quite extensive. They include: Double Dark, Dulce de Leche, Hazelnut Crunch, Matcha Love, Mocha Latte, Passion Fruit, Marshmallow Moon, Smoked Caramel, Cocoa Pebble Praline, Salted Pretzel Caramel, Bourbon Cherry, Champagne Mango, and Biscoff.

Specialty cocoa bombs are made in milk, white, or dark chocolate and can be customized for occasions such as weddings and birthday parties. Another specialty item is a breakable heart (complete with a wooden hammer). Each heart is filled with a selection of bonbons, Scottish Shortbread cookies enrobed in chocolate, milk chocolate candies, and chocolate-covered pretzels.

Hasemeier debuted his hand-painted bonbons at one of Pinehurst’s Chocolate and Wine Walks in 2020 as he took orders for special flavors. As he gave out nearly 400 samples, he expanded a local fan base that has continued to grow by participating in local farmers markets. “I feel so lucky and so blessed. Everything has been so well received,” he adds.

Form V Chocolates has been firmly established in the former BB&T bank building on Chinquapin Road since early last year. Just below the main level occupied by Agora Bakery and Café is Hasemeier’s glass-walled prep space where he methodically controls the temperature and humidity as he creates his artisan chocolate bars and boutique-style bonbons.

With a love of all things food, Hasemeier has been on an amazing culinary journey that began well before he graduated from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco in 1997. His career choice was inspired by his grandfather who was a fine dining chef in Chicago. Although classically trained in French cuisine, Hasemeier is more fascinated with the art of chocolates.

After working at many prominent restaurants in cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, and Washington DC, he moved to the Sandhills where he continued as a chef in our leading restaurants. However, his dedication to creating specialized bonbons demands his full attention, and his talents are now devoted exclusively to providing his customers with the most luxurious chocolates available.

A turning point for becoming Pinehurst’s resident chocolatier was the opportunity to study under world-renowned chocolatier Melissa Coppel in Las Vegas. Named one of the Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America, she has a remarkable passion for teaching. She says, “Knowledge doesn’t belong to you. It passes through you.”

In addition, Hasemeier has studied with two other leading chocolatiers: Swedish chef Kalle Jungstedt and Mexican-American chef Luis Amado. “All master chocolatiers have their own styling techniques and methods for designing, polishing, and painting chocolate. I have taken a little bit from each one and created my own style,” says Hasemeier.

Form V bonbons are not traditional chocolates. Assembled as a collection in a box, each one is unique and unlike its neighbor because each is hand-decorated. The skill of this dedicated chocolatier shows in his care and attention as he takes his creations to the ultimate level artistically. “I’ve always considered myself an artist,” says Hasemeier.

His artisan chocolate company takes its name from one of the six forms that cocoa butter can crystallize into. Form V (as in five), the most desirable form, gives chocolate the coveted desired shiny complexion and other valued final properties. This form, known as the beta crystal, is formed through the controlled melting and subsequent cooling (or tempering) of liquid chocolate.

Hasemeier takes pride in customizing any product for a special occasion, event, or gift. You can purchase Form V Chocolates online at

Chocolatier classes for children and adults are also taught at Form V. In addition, the space is also used to cater social gatherings such as bachelorette parties.

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