Inspiration Meets Architecture

25 Jan 2019

Most people have considered improvements to their homes; not only do these improvements create more comfort, they add to the value of the home. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint or a few new appliances. Other times it takes more work than the homeowners can do, so they hire outside help. Here are two businesses that take their client’s wishes and transform them into a magical reality.


Perfect Design Cabinetworks

2018 was a big year for Perfect Design Cabinetworks. When I walked into the shop in Aberdeen, four employees busily measured and sawed wood, working on their latest project—remodeling the cabinets of an entire house in Fayetteville. The cutting and sawing in the background hummed along as I sat down to talk to Design Cabinetworks’ owner, David Oullette, to hear about his custom cabinetry business and all he has to offer his clients.

Oullette moved to Moore County in July 2003 from Atlanta, and soon after opened Perfect Design Cabinetworks. He smiles when he describes his love for his work, “I always wanted to come back to my craft—which is building cabinetry and making furniture.” And that’s exactly what he did. His business has grown since 2003, starting out with just himself to “more clients, more employees, and better work.”

So, what does Perfect Design Cabinetworks offer as far as remodel and cabinetry? “Anything the client wants,” Oullette says. “Clients will come in with an idea, a vision, a picture, and we will make it happen.” Oullette works with builders, designers, and architects to create custom masterpieces for his clients.

“It could be a desk, or a built-in bookshelf, all the way up to a house full of cabinets,” says Oullette. Perfect Design Cabinetworks specializes in custom cabinetry and built-in furniture, but they are not limited to those.

Oullette showed me about a dozen jobs that he and his crew had created and built. Here were a variety of contemporary and traditional style of cabinets. Some kitchens had smooth slab doors, while others had features in a transitional, modified Shaker style doors. An increasingly common feature is the beaded inset cabinet, meaning that a bead or slight groove is cut into the wood. The bead serves as a “frame within a frame” to outline the cabinet doors.

Another popular feature is built-in bookshelves. Sometimes an entire room is filled with built in bookshelves giving the room a trendy, chic look.

One project displayed a deep maple vanity with a matching mirror frame with a lacquer finish.

Another project was the renovation of a transitional kitchen with painted cabinets. The door and drawer fronts were made with recessed panels and applied moldings. The kitchen had unique storage features such as pullout trashcans and trays behind the doors.

An appliance wall is a newer feature that clients are requesting when they want to update their kitchens. The clients on a recent project updated their appliances using the new integrated Sub Zero and Wolf refrigeration and cooking units.

As far as current trends, Oullette says “about 80% of the cabinetry we produce has a painted finish.  Whites being the predominate choice followed by light grays.  The other 20% is various stained wood options.”

The completed projects look indeed perfect, as the name of the company promises.

“Creating is my favorite part of the job and watching clients when they see the finished work. It’s a lot of fun,” says Oullette.

Perfect Design Cabinetworks will work with their clients throughout the entire process, from choosing the right materials, the design, the building and to the installation. They strive to be a full-service company, putting their clients’ wishes at the forefront of their work.

Suther Solutions

When Kitty Hopkins left for a two-week vacation, she did not know what would await her when she returned to her home in Southern Pines. Indeed, her inspiration met architecture, and the project was well under way. Three months later, her entire 1960’s style home was redesigned and remodeled to the point where the “before” became a distant memory.

Tom Suther, owner of Suther Solutions explains the ideas that Hopkins had given him and his crew. “She’s a natural stone lover. She loves slate and dark colors.” And stones, slate, and dark colors it is. This combination gives the home a unique, comforting feel.

Floating hardwood maple shelves accent the stone walls in the living room. A cozy fireplace sits amidst the stone. Luxury vinyl tile lines the kitchen floor and the living room.

“Luxury vinyl tile is very popular right now,” says Suther. “Clients choose between wood or tile patterns, and it is very durable.” The quartz kitchen counters reflect off of the stone back splash.

A stunning feature of this new remodel is the barn wood doors and walls in the hallway. The wood gives the home a rustic feeling.

A steam shower showcases the first bathroom. “There is an electronic dial on the wall,” Suther explains. “This is becoming a more popular appliance.” Slate covers the bathroom floors and walls. A barn wood lined mirror displays above the bathroom sink.

In the master bathroom lies a MicroSilk bathtub with a heater, all installed by Suther and his crew. Champagne style light fixtures sit above the quartz sink.

The home, characterized by the dark colors, stones, and barn wood, displays an unparalleled craftsmanship from Suther. The entire project took about three months, and Hopkins could not be more pleased with the outcome.

Suther has been doing commercial and residential remodels for 28 years. Currently, he has three crews: one for additions, one for remodels and one for painting. His son, Adam Suthers, runs the daily operations of his business. Suther specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodels, but they also offer services related to most any other home project you can think of.

Suther Solutions works with their clients from an initial vision to the last coat of paint, giving constant feedback on the progress.

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