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Posted On March 1, 2023

Procrastinate on health and wellness no more


Spring is the time to make changes. Break out of old habits and create a new you. For many, that means improving health and wellness by correcting nutrition deficiencies; for some, it means exercising in fitness programs to achieve long-deferred goals; for others, it may include receiving pregnancy and parenting education.

Many practitioners and centers in the Sandhills can help you achieve your goals. In particular, four offer services that may fit a need that you have.

InfuZEN Hydration: Intravenous Health Optimization

InfuZEN Hydration in Southern Pines helps clients optimize their health and feel their best. Nurse practitioner Gina Chamlee, NPC, has more than 20 years of experience in treating patients with intravenous fluids and in using fluids and vitamins to improve their health and wellness. What are the benefits of IV hydration? More energy, boosted immunity, and quicker recovery.

“I opened my practice because I wanted to boost my own immune system after working around patients with Covid. Because IV hydration has about a 90 percent absorption, it’s better compared to supplements or taking them orally,” Chamlee says.

Whether you are seeking a much-needed recovery from too much alcohol, battling brittle hair and nails, or recovering from a strenuous workout, the IV therapy at InfuZEN can replenish the nutrients that you need. The solution is a 45-minute calming IV hydration therapy with an experienced nurse practitioner.

Hydration is a wonderful treatment for so many types of applications. If you’re run down from a cold or the flu, InfuZEN can help.  When it’s important to get back on the golf course, let InfuZEN replenish your body with fluids and nutrients. IV hydration can help you reach your body's goals to be healthy and well.

Do you have concerns with nutrition? Now is the time to solve nutrition deficiencies with intravenous therapy, which provides the benefits of bypassing the digestive system. Vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids can be delivered directly to the bloodstream with nutrient IV therapy that makes them available for immediate use. This fast, direct delivery can make a tremendous difference in the way that you feel and how your body responds.

If you are ready to lose weight, consider a lipo shot or infusion that is formulated with a special blend of vitamins and lipotropics. They work to break down fat naturally and help you burn calories faster.  For more information about InfuZEN, contact Chamlee at 910-725-6500.

Hotworx: Infrared Workouts

Conveniently located near Chick-fil-A, Hotworx is Southern Pines’ premier 24-hour infrared fitness studio where you can combine infrared energy, heat, and isometric workouts to flush toxins, tone up, reduce cellulite, and torch calories. In what Hotworx likes to call “3D training” that combines heat, infrared, and exercise, the workout is unlike any experience offered by other fitness programs.

A virtually instructed exercise program is created for users to experience the exceptional benefits of infrared heat absorption as they complete a 30-minute isometric workout or a 15-minute high-intensity interval training session. As the infrared heat penetrates and causes the body to sweat, the isometric postures further accelerate detoxification by physically removing toxins from organs through muscle contraction.

Linda Harte explains, “We are not a gym; we are an infrared fitness studio. Infrared therapy has so many health benefits. When you complete a workout, you feel energized because the heat is dry and energizing, and you can burn twice the calories in half the time.”

Infrared sauna workouts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A certified virtual instructor guides users through each workout or training to help users “Earn the Burn!” For more details, contact Harte at 910-725-2490.

FirstHealth Fitness: Medically Based Programs

At FirstHealth Fitness, exercise is medicine. Since opening its first facility in 1995, it has used physical activity to complete its mission: To Care for People. Its six medically-based fitness centers include state-of-the-art equipment, and they are staffed by college-educated trainers.

At these centers, you can break wellness goals into small, sustainable steps. Half the battle is just getting there. But that’s easy. In the Sandhills, FirstHealth has fitness centers conveniently located in Pinehurst, Raeford, Rockingham, Sanford, Southern Pines, and Troy.

At FirstHealth Fitness, aqua aerobic classes are a great way to mix a traditional workout with the exceptional benefits of water; however, they are only a part of the programs available. They also offer group exercise classes and massage therapy. Haley Ray of FirstHealth says, “It’s a one-stop shop for all fitness needs from indoor tracks, sauna and pools, free weights, and exercise classes to personal trainers and health coaches. Our medically based fitness features trainers who work with doctors to provide medically sound advice.”

Variety is the spice of fitness at FirstHealth. Its centers have everything from programs for seniors to high-intensity interval training classes to swim lessons and yoga. FirstHealth Fitness also offers flexible program plans to meet everyone’s unique needs.

Life Care Pregnancy Center: Helping women, men, and babies of the Sandhills on the journey of LIFE for 30 years.

Life Care Pregnancy Center in Carthage provides compassionate care, accurate information, and assistance for anyone facing crucial decisions surrounding pregnancy. The Center strives to be a light in the darkness, a “yes” when everyone else says “no,” and hope when there seems to be none. Barbara Lamblin, the Center’s Executive Director, explains: “Everything we have and do is born by the benevolence of churches, individuals, and businesses who share their passion and witness for life by donating to us. This generosity supports women, men, and babies on the journey of life, and builds our community—sharing and showing how the force of love can change the world. We believe life matters and are so blessed that so many in the community believe the same.”

The Center provides pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, material support, pregnancy and parenting education, Bible studies, post-abortive referrals, and much more.  All of their services are free of charge and confidential. Anyone can visit the Center confidentially, and no payment is required for the help, resources, and hope that is offered. A recent client remarked, “Everyone is so nice and informative. They really seem to care about each and every person they see. I truly like what they are doing here. I believe that it can really make a difference for those who may feel like they have nobody.”

For a woman wondering if she is pregnant, the first thing she may want to do is take a pregnancy test. Medical-grade pregnancy testing at no cost can be arranged by calling the Center. The Center also offers limited obstetrical ultrasounds to confirm a pregnancy and determine the stage of pregnancy. The staff takes seriously its mission to educate women about pregnancy options and ensure everyone receives accurate information in a safe and confidential environment.  Because parenting is a dynamic journey, the Center works with more than 100 local organizations that are willing to share their guidance and support to guide an expecting woman or couple into a stable future. A new baby requires not only loving care but critical items such as diapers, wipes, and clothing. The Center is happy to help new parents with these needs as they begin the new journey into parenthood. At each weekly appointment, where education and one-on-one appointments are scheduled to support mom and baby, and until the baby is 18 months old, the Center provides a “baby bag” of helpful items.  Another core mission of the Center is providing adoption referrals and the staff is committed to connecting women and families to a network of credible and vetted adoption agencies that guide families who choose this option.  For more information about Life Care Pregnancy Center or to volunteer, please call 910-947-6199.  This call could change your life or the life of someone you know.