Strong As A Mother

07 Apr 2020

A Mother’s Day Tribute

By Christine Hall

When you are in the throes of Motherhood, it can feel as though the life and sparkle once bestowed upon your youthful self has
been sucked out and flung far away.

I often reflect on the gravity of this “loss of self” that often takes place during the journey of Motherhood. One thing I certainly have learned is, if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will, or truly even “can”. Despite being surrounded by family and friends, this phase in life can still be profoundly lonely and perplexing.

In the best of circumstances, fitness and well-being sound like far-fetched concepts. In Motherhood, your objectives have been rearranged, perceptions realigned, and time management readjusted — all revolving around the most beautiful object(s) of your affection. And justifiably so! But there comes a time when rebuilding self needs to move to the top of the priority list.

And what better time than spring to reignite the “U” in YOU. In Moore County there are several outlets for Moms and their babies/children to connect and recharge. Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs) and Mothers of Moore (MOM) are two. If throwing on some sneakers and catching some cardio is what you’re after, there are also multiple local Mom-centric fitness groups that feature coaches who are hard-wired to help you live your best lives!

Building Connections Through Fitness

They say there is strength in numbers. So it is with this drumbeat that I encourage mothers of all ages, shapes, shades, sizes and levels of motivation, to grab your baby(s) and/or toddler(s) and check out these fitness groups that offer laser-focus on the well-being of MOM, and surrounding her with the support she needs.


FIT4MOM offers fitness classes for all stages of motherhood, from stroller-based classes for moms with little ones to
strength-training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes in a child-free setting. They believe in the power of Moms and work to build strength in Motherhood within their community of women, both inside and outside of class. Motherhood can be hard, trying, and sometimes isolating, but it also can be full of joy, laughter, and promise. In the FIT4MOM community, the goal is to connect and experience those things together.

“When I gave birth to my first daughter, I had just moved to the area and didn't know anyone. I was working out on my own, trying to get back into shape after the baby and came across Stroller Strides and FIT4MOM. Total game changer! I found a workout that's fun, challenging, always-changing, and the best part — my baby could come with me! I met an amazing group of Moms that welcomed me, encouraged me, and supported me in my journey of Motherhood.”

—Abby Gazaway, owner of FIT4MOM

Fit4MOM locations:

• Rassie Wicker Park
10 Rassie Wicker Dr, Pinehurst

• Cannon Park
90 Woods Rd, Pinehurst

• Tufts Park
150 Cherokee Rd, Pinehurst

• Pine Scone Cafe
905 Linden Rd, Pinehurst

• Grace Church
1519 Luther Way, Southern Pines

• Longleaf Golf and Family Club
10 Knoll Rd, Southern Pines

• Encore Center
160 E. New Hampshire Ave, Southern Pines


Imagine a group of women from all different beliefs and backgrounds who come together to support, uplift, and help each other live their best lives in Motherhood and health. That is Sweat Like A Mother (S.L.A.M.). They sweat five days a week, but their community is constant. From monthly Moms Night Outs, to weekly playgroups for the little ones, they are never short on fun and friendship. The fitness aspect is just the icing on the cake. It can be intimidating coming to something new, but there are levels for all Moms, and everyone is welcome.

“We understand that it takes a village to raise a child, but we also believe that village should be uplifting and motivating to the Mom, too. We are all about creating a community of women that come together with the mindset to make themselves stronger, motivate each other, and be a positive role model to their children.”

—Brittany Hampton, owner of
Moore County S.L.A.M.

Moore County S.L.A.M. locations:

• Aberdeen Lake Park
301 Lake Park Crossing, Aberdeen

• First Baptist Church
200 E New York Ave, Southern Pines

Forte Fitness

Forte Fitness offers classes for both men and women but has a dominant clientele of Mothers working on not just their bodies, but more importantly, on their mental wellbeing. Their exercise programs for Moms promote a positive example for children and provide stress relief and socialization opportunities in a supportive and encouraging environment. In turn, this fuels their energy levels to take on the day as mothers, wives, sisters and friends. Forte also offers “Little Athletes” and “Youth Athletic Conditioning” classes for children and have youth as young as 10-years-old joining in alongside their parents in many of their classes. Forte coaches are nationally certified and able to accommodate and offer modifications to encourage and promote family fitness.

DanceFit, one of Forte’s feature classes, offers moms the opportunity to leave their children at the door in childcare, check their worries in the coat closet, and hit the dancefloor for an hour of care-free (and choreographed) movement to Top-40 hits. This party-style class led by energetic coaches in a room transformed by disco lights, offers thumping beats and a room full of positive energy.

“We are continually inspired and motivated by the Moms that walk through our door – young and young at heart. In a busy world, it is so very important to take some time out for yourself to recharge and replenish — mind, body and soul!”

—Brandi Martin, owner of Forte Fitness

Forte locations:

• Forte Fitness Southern Pines
262 Pinehurst Ave, Southern Pines

• Forte Fitness Central Park
1405 Central Park Dr, Southern Pines

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