The Inspired Garden

04 Jun 2021

Playfulness in your own private paradise

Story and Photos by Christine Hall

I do not know about you, but my garden most certainly has a personality of its own. It is often unruly and stubborn, yet at the same time marvelous and miraculous. It makes me laugh; it makes me cry. I sometimes wonder about its thoughts, hopes, and fears. What does it think about me as the gardening director on stage, digging and planting anew while these characters act out their stories?

My garden most likely chortles at my sight – “Oh no, here she comes again,” it must sigh. Or “Who is she bringing in this time?” it might huff (complete with an eyeroll). Most often, however, I hope my garden appreciates my ideas and toilsome measures because, ultimately, it brings me immense pleasure and happiness to be amongst its endeavors.

Maybe your gardening this spring was wrought with cleaning, prepping, and planting. Perhaps you tilled and you dug. You seeded and toiled, freshening soil, and moving plants to new ground. And all the while, your garden stirred with excitement and delight as you mucked about, working fervently to amend new and old spaces.

After months of dutiful yard work, perhaps you, too, are ready to let your imagination run free and transform your outdoor living space into a decorated garden that exudes creative spirit
and style.

Laugh More
If your garden leans rigid or uninviting, it is time to amp up its emotive impact. Invoking humor is a foolproof way to liven up an uninspired area. Displaying an outdoor expression that echoes your spirit can give garden areas extra distinction.

We all have broken ceramic pots. The ones that got knocked over or dropped in transit that we adored. Take comfort in the fact that this transgression has merely morphed your pot into your next decorative planting piece. Place the pot horizontally, broken side down. Now find a flower patch or plant to nestle it underneath, and, voila.

Get Functional
Still need space for the practical items? You can create ambiance that doubles as functional storage with iron or metal shelving. Garden paraphernalia displayed on this metal shelf melds feature with function while adding an attractive element to the garden architecture. Varying objects with pops of color are incorporated as interesting detail.

The trick in each scenario is to use what is at your fingertips and make it work for you in your own private paradise. With a little imagination, your ordinary can become extraordinary. Hopefully, these thoughts inspire playfulness in your outdoor space this summer and get you accessorizing. What is your own little patch of the world saying or offering you?

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